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When I wrote to this blog for the first time... I really thought that It will be about Once upon a time. Then, I thought that it will be about that and also about me and my life. Then, I thought that I will just leave it, that I won't write here at all. But I... I just couldn't let it be deleted, because I loved that domain so much and I just wanned to keep that. So I didn't delete it. And I am here now, back again, with another thoughts on my mind. That I will... make it my personal site. In way that it's gonna be about everything, everything, what's a matter in my life.
Not many things are happening in my life, I am not John Watson from BBC tv series Sherlock to write about all those cases or something... but I feel like I could write about many things actually. To have some kind of diary. I feel like I need it. And I will also write about books I've read and books I want to read, about movies which I've seen, and I will tell you one thing, I watch a looooooot of movies... and also about tv series I watch. I have pretty long list of these too. About my favorite actors and actresses, about my favorite food and everything, just everything. This is probably the only English article on this site... well, I can't say. I write in English, when I have mood. Like today. So tired of Czech language today, need to write in English.

That's one of my obsessions.
And I have so many of them.
That's me.
Angelique Tussaud.
Not my real name, obviously.
Writer. Dreamer. Graphic. Painter. Whatever.
I have to go, but I will write about myself soon.
See ya.
- Angelique.

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